Spiz (@PHRATTEAM_SPIZ) – The Prophet (Mixtape Tracklist) (Dropping Feb 25th)

February 20, 2012 0

prophet-art-final1 Spiz (@PHRATTEAM_SPIZ) - The Prophet (Mixtape Tracklist) (Dropping Feb 25th)

Releasing February 25th, checkout the track list below.

2. TRILL▲ (Produced By: Marty)
3. 90’S B▲BY (Produced By: Alpha Jay)
4. LOCK IT ⬇(Produced by: Alpha Jay & Dj-Fm)
5. #2CUPS (Produced By: Dj Fm)
6. BE†HL▲-H▲M!!! (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
7. MY L!FE (Produced by: Alpha Jay)
8. ₱AID (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
9. §O COLD ☃ (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
10. ME ▲GAINST THE WORLD (Produced By: New Breed Block)
11. §C℞EWS ⅃OOSE (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
12. §KULLY §E▲SON – Feat Marty (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
13. Re▲l B▲dd Bitch (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
14. IN ⌚ (Produced By: Marty)
15. W▲TCH ME ℟OCK (Produced by: Dj-Fm)
16. §UP MY NIG- Feat Theodore Grams (Produced by: Theodore Grams)
17. ♫ J▲Ⅿ’IN ♫ – Feat Yung Triz (Produced By: Marty)
18. HAPPILY €VER ▲FTER (Produced by: Theodore Grams)
19. §UM OTHER SH!T (Produced by: Theodore Grams)
20. (BONUS TRACK) ➊+➊ -Feat Nise Odi-C (Produced by: Alpha Jay)

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