Who Is Next To Get Signed From Philly?

June 3, 2012 59

Peanut-Live-215-Philly-Puppet-Comedy-whos-next-to-get-signed-in-philly-HHS1987-2012-Cover-Article Who Is Next To Get Signed From Philly?

Recently Tone Trump was signed to Young Jeezy’s CTE and within the last year or two years Meek Mill signed to MMG. Now with 2 of Philly‘s artists recently being signed, I wonder who is the next artist to be signed???

Maybe Peanut Live 215 because he dropping singles and music videos now so aye, maybe #RealPuppetShit

Some will say Ar-Ab because he has the street buzz, he’s entertaining on the DVDs and his videos get more views then a lot of dudes that will get mentioned in the comments below. Others will say Rediroc of Ape Gang, Black Deniro of Rellik Records, and then many will say its not a gangster rapper and could be Chill Moody, Dosage (who tours with Lupe Fiasco), Asaad, OCD, and a plenty others come to mind.

Either way the eyes are on the city and with 50 Cent & DJ Drama talking about Philly rappers, Trump getting signed, the city is getting some shine. I hope you artists are getting your branding, image, and promo ideas together because the time is here and Im sure another big label is going to look at the city for a new artist.

TELL ME WHO YOU THINK DESERVES TO GET SIGNED NEXT FROM PHILLY but don’t confuse that with who you personally (your homie, family member, a nigga you know, etc) want to get signed in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to reference the comment section on “The Top 5 Philly Artists” Post!!!

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