Garrett, Allen and Deron Williams all looking to Join Kobe in Hollywood via @eldorado2452

June 21, 2012 0

Los Angeles Lakers
Neither the Los Angeles Lakers nor the Boston Celtics reached there preseason goals of making the NBA finals but this upcoming off-season could be huge for both teams as they look to rebound and make a championship run.

There have been trade rumors involving the Los Angeles Lakers  Pau Gasol and all four members of the big 4 but not once did it look like the teams could help one another til now.

Kevin Garnett’s future is still up in the air. Does he retire, stay in Boston or leave for Hollywood. Sources tell me that both Garnett and Ray Allen have had many discussions in the past two weeks with Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant about joining the Laker team. The veterans both feel they still have something in the tank and believe they have one or two more championship runs in them.

Also appearing to possibly join the Lakers team could be Philadelphia Sixers star Andre  Iguodala and Brooklyn Nets star Deron Williams or Phoenix Suns stud Steve Nash. Regardless of who joins L.A. it seems like Pau Gasol won’t be returning to Staples in Gold and Purple.

Can you imagine a lineup for the Lakers next year that looks like this With Ray Allen coming off the bench?

World Peace

This will be a interesting off-season.

If the Lakers put this line up on the floor can Kobe get his sixth ring?

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