Facebook Releases “Facebook Camera” an Instagram Like Mobile App

May 26, 2012 0

facebook-releases-facebook-camera-an-instagram-like-mobile-app-HHS1987-2012 Facebook Releases "Facebook Camera" an Instagram Like Mobile App

Although they technically bought out Instagram (still awaiting final approval), Facebook announced that they would be launching a new standalone app for iOS, called Camera.

To save from typing a very familiar description to that of another photography app, it’s a “blue Instagram.”

While Instagram has seen a surge of new users who upload a ton of photos to Facebook, the team at Facebook created the app to be a more lightweight, purpose-built experience.

This doesn’t mean that Instagram will be gone once the sale has been approved.  The newly-acquired staff had no part in creating the app, suggesting it was already in the works before the billion-dollar purchase.

“Having separate teams focus on their area of expertise allows us to innovate faster,” said Facebook Photos product manager Dirk Stoop.  “Which, eventually, helps to integrate features into the mainline product.”

Although it’s technically not in competition to Instagram, the sleek Camera app does look, feel and work like Instagram.  It’s a blue Instagram

via the Tech Center

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