Beyonce Talks Motherhood, Her Life/ Career and more with Anderson Cooper (Video)

September 11, 2012 0

beyonce-talks-motherhood-her-life-career-and-more-with-anderson-cooper-video-HHS1987-2012 Beyonce Talks Motherhood, Her Life/ Career and more with Anderson Cooper (Video)

Beyonce is starting to open up just a little bit more about motherhood now that Blue Ivy is 8 months old. When the singer had a chat with Anderson Cooper last month on his show, “Anderson Live,” her main point of business was her World Humanitarian Day, I Was Here, effort, but Bey also shared a little bit about Beyonce, the mother, and what kind of dad Jay-Z is.

Though you might assume two megastars like the Carters would have nannies around 24/7 to handle some of the non-pleasantries of parenthood like changing diapers, Beyonce insists she and the Jigga man love it all.

“Actually, [Jay-Z] is very good,” she told Andersoon. “We both [change diapers]. I love changing diapers, I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.”

Staying true to her talents, Beyonce also says she has a tendency to belt out lullabies for little Blue, saying:

“I make up actually a lot of crazy, corny songs.”

For now, that’s as far as it goes though, considering Blue Ivy probably wouldn’t know what to do if she saw her mother in full-blown, Sasha Fierce performance mode.

“I’m Mommy and when [Blue] sees me — today was the first time she saw me perform in rehearsal — she was very confused.”

Check out the clips of Beyonce’s interview below which will air during season 2 of “Anderson Live.”


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