David Banner – Malcolm X(A Song to Me) #INSTANTREPLAY @THEREALBANNER

October 15, 2012 1

Let’s talk about revolutionary rap.  When this song initially came out, I was like “MAN! Why isn’t this song doing numbers, it’s what the game needed!!” I started to understand what a possible issue was… It dates back to high school.  All the ladies loved them a bad boy.  Therefore, that’s what sells.  I mean… Who really wants to hear someone self reflect on a song unless it’s bringing the idea of Willie Lynch back to life? (Sarcasm, ok??)

Mississippi’s own, David Banner reflects on himself and society in this heart felt anthem that’ll turn any boy into a man. He starts the song off with, “It’s grown man shit,” to set the tone, then it sky rockets from there with visuals to give a better understanding to the purpose of the song.  Off his must-have mixtape, “Sex, Drugs, and Video Games.”  This song definitely deserves an instant replay!

Aside for the music, David Banner’s getting right for a new film!

Screen-Shot-2012-10-15-at-10.29.43-AM David Banner - Malcolm X(A Song to Me) #INSTANTREPLAY @THEREALBANNER

Screen-Shot-2012-10-15-at-10.40.58-AM David Banner - Malcolm X(A Song to Me) #INSTANTREPLAY @THEREALBANNER


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