NBATV Dream Team Documentary (FULL VIDEO)

June 14, 2012 0

nbatv-dream-team-documentary-full-video-HHS1987-2012 NBATV Dream Team Documentary (FULL VIDEO)

For years, the 1992 men’s Olympic basketball team — the Dream Team, the greatest collection of basketball talent, and maybe overall sporting talent, to wear the same uniform — has spawned all sorts of urban legends. Stories about intense scrimmages. Stories about Michael and Magic playing horse and sizing each other up. Stories about a loss to college kids.

Now there’s footage to back it all up. Dion Cocoros, one of the executive producers of “The Dream Team,” the excellent new documentary that premieres tonight on NBA TV, helped dig up that footage. In an interview with Keeping Score, Cocoros talks about how he got all 12 Dream Team members to sit down for interviews, why Isiah Thomas, the most prominent player left off the team, didn’t want to talk, and how the NBA would be different without the Dream Team.


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