(Oh Te HM) – The Prologue (Mixtape)

September 2, 2013 0

OhThM_CleverCashout_CAM_Juz_Blazewith_a-front-large (Oh Te HM) - The Prologue (Mixtape)

(Oh·Të·hM) The Prologue is the First Mixtape Released from (Oh·Të·hM) Records. The Mixtape mostly consists of South Bronx Natives Clever and Cashout CAM these 2 artist combined under 1 record label creates a Trill, Real Hip Hop, Boom Bap but yet still Commercially Relevant Mixtape. The title “The Prologue” stems from the fact that this Mixtape is the first chapter in a long journey to greatness being that (Oh·Të·hM) records plans on being the first black owned independent label to reach diamond status and break many records. This 34 minute musical journey is just a teaser for (Oh·Të·hM) The Understanding EP Available on Itunes Sept 30th

DOWNLOAD: (Oh Te HM) – The Prologue (Mixtape)

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