According To Lupe Fiasco Jordan Sneakers Are Played Out

July 15, 2013 1


So the most random tweet of the week award goes to Lupe Fiasco and it just started. Two days ago the famed chiraq emcee tweeted “I will say this and then hide…but…Jordan’s are getting played out…I know I know I know….I know……I knooow…ok…I know…”. Why he tweeted that ? We will never know lol carry on with your day folks ! via Sneaker Watch

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  • John Wynter

    Lupe I love you but you can’t say that. I mean I know what you mean because everybody us wearing them so it’s not exclusive anymore. Especially since a lot of theses kids have NEVER seen him play. But, Me? My myself? I hot a few foamposited here and there but I rock J’s 90% of my LIFE!!! Which means I been rocking retros when they were new editions bring made for the 1st time. So it brings back nostalgia for me. Watching the commercials. Rocking the same black and red playoff 8’s as Mike, watching him kill the Suns back in ’93. Wit a high top fade. Bustin my ass for a B in Global studies in 4th grade so I can rock. And theres mlions if grown men who grew ip as kids back then Who’s wit me like “Word, son!” Others werenin highschool, college or doin they street shit for the 1st time or in they primes. NBA legends who were college kids back then. With that said, the jumpman can never be played out, because it’s more than just a style or a pair of expensive kicks. It means a little bit more than that to a lot of us.