Win Tickets To See Meek Mill Live In Philly 4/5/13

March 27, 2013 36

Win Tickets To See Meek Mill Live In Philly 4/5/13

Meek Mill is kickstarting his 2013 off with his with “Dreams Come True” North American spring tour. As usual, HHS1987 is giving away tickets to see Meek Mill live in Boston on April 4th & Philly on April 5th. Purchase your tickets here.

In order to win you must:

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  3. Leave a comment below on this blog post telling us why you should see Meek Mill and why you deserve to win a pair of tickets for you and your friend. **IF YOUR ENTERING FOR THE PHILLY OR BOSTON SHOW, SAY SO IN YOUR COMMENT**
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Follow @HipHopSince1987 to win a pair of tickets to see @MeekMill Live in Boston 4/4/13 & Philly 4/5/13

We will pick one winner based on the rules on April 2nd at 8pm. The more you tweet & instagram the better your chances. The winner will be notified by email, so when you leave a comment please enter the correct email address. Good luck!


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  • Nico maturo

    I should win the tickets cause ive been listenin to meek since the bloodhound days! Been followin this dude from the bottom! Plus i never been to a single concert so goin to see my favorite rapper for my first concert would be insane!

  • Da Allegheny Ave Reek

    I should win these Meek concert tickets because My bday comin up and I been a supporter of his movement dreamchasers , I never been to concert in my life so this would be a awesome first concert for me to go to ,finally because I follow you and him on IG ,if that means something Lol .

  • Brendan Murphy

    I should win because meek is favorite rapper I know all of his songs im also from philly and is always reppin my state of philly im am always listening to meek 24/7

  • dom kinlaw

    I should win meek tickets because I support the movement #bikelife #puma #dcr #dc #mmg also my birthday is a week after the concert Soo that would be a good birthday present . Meek is one of the few rappers I listen too Soo that’s another reason . Follow me on IG: @_avodom

  • Lindsey Cleckner

    I think that I deserve to win a pair of tickets to Meek Mills concert because seeing him in person would make all the things I have heard of him true. Being that I am not from the city of Philadelphia, Meek Mill has allowed me to have a new founded love for the Hip-Hop/Rap Culture since I have been here for my 4 years of college. I admire the way he turns his life into song lyrics and inspires the youth of Philadelphia. If I would ever be so privileged, this would be an amazing graduation present!

  • I should win these meek mill tickets because I’ve been a meek fan since he lived on berks. I’m talking about when he had braids and use to rap on headshots. I’ve watched meek progress in so many ways. All his mix-tapes were fire!! I love the fact that he put his city on the map. I knew he would be the next to blow, he was so ambitious. If I win these tickets it a be a good look HHS1987. Shout out to yall for keeping me up to date with hip hop news too. #DC #TLM

  • marlik

    I would like to see meek mill because i have been following meek mill from before his stardome and im inspired to continuing rapping even tough people tell me i am wasting my life. Also admire him helping out other people such as the girls and boys basketbal team and bettering lil snupes situation which is what the rap culture is about. Thank you

  • I would like to see meek mill because i have been following meek mill from before his stardome and im inspired to continuing rapping even tough people tell me i am wasting my life. Also admire him helping out other people such as the girls and boys basketbal team and bettering lil snupes situation which is what the rap culture is about. I grew up withougt a mother or father after they were killed in a fire and music has been a parent to me with both of my brothers in jail . im just trying to take the right path to stay out of trouble thank you @marlik toure instergram @leeks_apperal

  • I deserve these tickets because I love meek, I know all his songs and I know my fav Lee Mazin is going to be there. I want to see the whole dream chaser records turn up! Because I missed the last concert,
    I would love to win tickets to see him soon. Thanks – @janaeamirra

  • elijah

    i want the ticket becuse i always wanted to met meek he been my favorite artist since i heard dreamchaser 1 and i always wanted to tell me how he insprise me do better at everthing im doing he showed me that if u want something you gotta go for it and fuck what anybody else think , also i rap and i wanted to get a cypher in with meek to see what he think , so i think i desevre them ticket im prolly meek biggest fan in the world i look up to him as artist and a person so i hope i win!!! , ig – kushgotmetrippy, twitter – MaccAndKush

  • allie kat

    i should be givin the tickets cause i got locked up leaving his philly show last year an didn’t get to enjoy myself … ima single mother an i hustle my ass off dream chasers forreal

  • Lawann

    I would love to win tickets to see meekmill in Philly I am a huge fan and enjoy meek as a artist. I watched the hiphopsince1987 exclusive interview with meek and the vlogs

  • Poe

    think I should win the tickets for the Meek mill show in Boston because, like everyone else trying, I’m a huge meek mill fan and have been following him for many years since he was riding with TI and doing his thing freestyling on the DVD’s. He’s blossomed from just another rapper to a hip hop superstar. I also respect the fact that meek has become a very smart business man in working with brands such as Reebok, Young & Reckless, Monster, and Puma to help cross promote himself and his brand/label, Dream Chaser Records, while also helping his crew venture out into some business opportunities of their own.

  • Deni Hoxha

    I think I should win tickets for the Meek Mill show in Boston because I am a huge fan of him! He is real he is amazing! I love him rapping! This would mean so much! He even follows me on Twitter and i am obsessed with him! Please this would mean so much. Thank you for this amazing competition & good luck to all of us entering 🙂

  • Patricia maysonet

    Me and my sister will love to win the. tickets for here in Philly…I love meek he is the realest out here love his music..And he also shows love to all the kids out here who don’t have things they.would love to have. I will will will love to Win theses tickets PLEASE!! We are Big fans of meek!!

  • You know I’m trying to see one of Philly’s own. Been rocking out to Meek since those Flamerz tapes and nappy braids he had lol. Put me down for that Philly show


  • Nick H

    I deserve these tickets because ive been listenin to meek since the beginning. I saw him in Champaign, IL Nov. 5 front row and another chance to meet him would mean everything to me. His music and movement speak to me. Since listening to him I havent let anything slow me down, im chasing my dreams and not letting anything stop me and this is one of my dreams, to meet meek mill

  • sasha williams

    i think i should win the tickets for the Philly show because i never been to a concert an meek mill motivate me to keep pushing with my rap career

  • Liban Hassan

    I should win tickets cause I understand what meek has been through and he shows that you can chase your dreams and live it don’t matter who you are and I’m just tryna chase a dream and to meet him would be very inspiring. Much love! – Boston

  • Win Tickets To See Meek Mill Live In Philly 4/5/13 | HipHopSince1987

  • Aliyah Muhammad

    (Philly) I should win these tickets because I am a Meek Mills fan not just for his music but how he taught me that you will go through ups and downs in life but you still have to work hard to achieve your goals! Also that when good thing are going for you, your friends will not always have your back that why you have your family to keep you motivated. This will also be my first time at a concert. I hope I win!

  • I’m Irazjah, aka @rajaunderrated aka Robert Rahmeek Willam’s number one fan. This website follows me on twitter so I’m sure my admiration for Meek has been acknowledged. I should win tickets to see him on tour in Boston because I not only admire his rags-to-riches story but I aspire to relate to it! His music keeps me sane, motivated, and dedicated to become successful. If I won I’d be beyond grateful and excited to shout every lyric in his presence. Thank you for this opportunity, I appreciate it greatly.

  • dom kinlaw

    Meek mill is also my idol he inspires me too get out of the hood and treat my mom to what she wants and needs. When I reach his age I want to have a rollie on my arm and a ghost . Meek makes me want to strive to get out of the hood and make my family live better. Meek is one of the best rappers out. So I needs these tickets

  • LETS GO PHILLY!!!!!!!!!
    To win tickets to Meek Mill will def be the best thing tjat has happened to me ever. Seems almost impossible but worth trying. I necer been to a concert before that’s why I feel like I should def win the pair of tickets to PHILLY.

  • Nichelle

    I wanna go to the philly show…I think I should go b cause I am number one a very huge fan. Two I work 43hrs a week I never never go anywhere …I am a single mom w 2 kids holdn it down .Im a lil older but everybody needs a lil fun sometimes please pick me &Im sexy and ima rep Meek to da fullest and I wanna meet you Hip hop since 1987…you the shit teach me.

  • The Real Me 1, The Real Me 2, Best of Bloodhoundz, Flamers, Flamers 2, Mr. Philadelphia, Flamers 3, DC #1, #2, #3. Meek Mill is my cousin, I’ve been following this guy for a minute. We have similar struggles and he inspires me forreal. And I bought tickets for the Dreams and Nightmares tour last year at the Fillmore and couldn’t go!!! Scream at me @Rosario_Deralis

  • Mikey Wilson

    I’d love to win some free tix to the philly show because i’ve been a meek supporter (actually paid for his album). Big fan of hiphopsince1987, especially the brilliant work of Rick Dange!

  • I think I deserve to win tickets to Meek Mill Concert because I am a die hard meek mill fan I mean I don’t see how I can’t be I’ve been listening to meek since I was 12years old from the street rap battles to head shots to mr Philadelphia, flamerz ect ect ect I’ve watched meek grown as an artist from his going from meek mills , meek millz, to Meek Mill and I am a big supporter,and very very proud of him, the very first award show he performed on I cried because he finally made it lol but am a huge fan of the whole DCR especially Lil Snupe ♥ I’ve met lee mazin before and she is an amazing person she told me never give up on my dream keep on singing and working hard because im going far and maybe one day we get to work together in the future but anyway Robert Rahmeek Williams I stand for him, Philly Support Philly and we from Philly #PhuckYoCity lol just kidding but as you can see I am a true meek mill fan and I think I deserve to win for all the hard work I put in #DCR #MMG
    Thank you’s

    You can also follow me on Twitter @infamousKennedy

  • It seems like everyone is saying the same stuff but on everything I love I’ve Alwaysss Listened to meek! I didn’t start getting into rap til I was in the 9th grade which was in 2005 Gratz Days! While everybody would switch it up listening to Joey jihad and Quilly Mills,..Nah! Lol I got onto meek and never chilled! He the only rapper who old songs turn me all the way up! I went to that Philly hair show a few years back and went off when he came out cause I didn’t know he would be there! Anybody can tell you that’s really my man! I believe it’s a Lil crush too but I really just love seeing it when somebody that was in the same boat as all of us can change the game around and make it as far as he did coming from Philly! He makes me proud and he doesn’t even know me lmao! And above all I still haven’t been to a concert! I would LOVE LOVE if he could be me first.

  • Sorry && Im Representing Phillllyyyyyy!!

  • SkjnnyTB

    I need those tix for my kids for April 5 in Philly [email protected]

  • I should win these tickets because I know all of his songs and I’m meek mill #1fan I download all of his songs but all of his cd even got all of my ppl listening to his music one day I plan on doing a song with him it would make my dreams to get to see him in concert I paid for a ticket to see him in concert in San Jose but we was late , I love music and being able to see you Favorite rapper preform is is fans biggest dream – any show will be great Philly or Boston I will fly from California to see meek mill if I win –

  • I would like to go see Meek in concert because I think he is an amazing artist and I would like to see him perform, not to mention he giving my city a good look 🙂 #Philly

    I’m writing from Philly and i would like to see him at the tower

  • Dejonee

    It would be an honor for me to get to see my favorite rapper preform in concert that is every fan biggest Dream . I paid to see meek mill in concert in San Jose & missed the show I know all the song lyrics my fav song is love dont live hear I even have all my friends listing to meek mill I support meek mill all the way from California & will fly from Cali just to see him in Philly of Boston please pick someone who really support Meek mill like I do even if u don’t pick me

  • I feel like i should get them tickets because me and my mom on turn up mood and her birthday is April 10 that’ll be the perfect gift and we’re going show up looking like we already with MEEK you feel me ? All Black Everythinnggg 100%

  • dom kinlaw

    Oh yea I almost forgot I would like to see the concert in philly. Please pick me !