Lakers Guard Steve Nash Becomes 5th NBA Player With 10,000 Assist

January 9, 2013 0

nash-web1 Lakers Guard Steve Nash Becomes 5th NBA Player With 10,000 Assist

Steve Nash accomplished one of his most impressive individual feats while in the midst of one of the most frustrating stretches of his 17-year career.

Nash became just the fifth player in NBA history to reach 10,000 career assists Tuesday, reaching the milestone late in the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 125-112 loss to theHouston Rockets.

“If I take a step back, it’s another example of a fairy-tale career, but it’s really hard to enjoy it right now,” Nash said after the Lakers’ fourth straight loss, which dropped their overall record to 15-19.

“I don’t want to discredit it; I don’t want to not appreciate the company I share in this milestone. But right now, that’s the farthest thing from my mind. I’m just trying to find a way to win one game.”

The 38-year-old Nash also admitted he has seriously considered the possibility that the Lakers, despite all their preseason hype and championship aspirations, might not even make the playoffs this season.

“That motivates me every day,” Nash said. “There’s no guarantee [that the Lakers make the playoffs]. I think three or four weeks ago, people would have said, ‘Ah, it will get better.’ Now I definitely don’t think there’s a guarantee it will, so the only remedy is continue to work hard and give yourself a chance for it to get better.

“I obviously think with time, and that might mean through the summer, we can get better. But for this season, it’s definitely going to be a challenge to turn this around. … We got a number of things we got to try to improve on to get better, but one thing that we can’t accept is to take our foot off the gas and accept things. We got to continue to fight.”



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