AEBL Hoops Playoffs Highlights (Video) (Shot by. DirectorAMart)

July 23, 2013 0

Screen-Shot-2013-07-22-at-10.23.39-PM-1024x640 AEBL Hoops Playoffs Highlights (Video) (Shot by. DirectorAMart)

The Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League (AEBL) founded by Jahi Rawlings is Atlanta’s new premiere basketball league and is a weekend sporting event that will occur in the summer months of June and July in Atlanta’s revitalized Central Park.  This past weekend (July 20-21) the AEBL hosted their Playoffs games and the AEBL players kept fans on the edge of their seats. Check out some of the highlights from this weekends AEBL Playoffs games. The video was shot and edited by DirectorAMart.

The next AEBL Finals are this weekend (July 27-28) at Central Park (400 Merritts Ave. Atlanta, GA 30108) and kickoff at 6pm each night may sure your there.

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