Big Gold Chains, Back in the Game

August 1, 2014 0

Hot artists of today, old and new, are rockin’ large pieces and heavier gold chains. It’s a sign of the times, folks, and it’s not just the big players either – the average hip-hop fan is spending more on chains and gold. Celebrated as a way to stand apart from the crowd, the iconic neck chain is making a comeback this year, especially as gold gets more affordable to the masses.

Jay-Z, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Jon, and Kid Ink have all been caught rocking thick chains these days. A man’s style may change, but the gold chain will always be around. One jewelry store we spoke with, TraxNYC, confirms that more people are purchasing heavier chains, and more gold, than they used to even a year or two ago.

“The prices fell a lot recently, so it’s more affordable to buy heavier pieces than before. I don’t know when it’ll go up again, but people are taking advantage of the lower prices.”

Is it a coincidence that hip hop stars of today are trying to out-do each other with the weight of their chains? Hey, we can’t all compete on that level, but at least for now, it’s easier to afford more blinged-out pieces than before.

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