Nike Air Raid “Breeze” (Photos)

April 22, 2014 7

mi140419-02-r3-565x372-500x329 Nike Air Raid “Breeze” (Photos)

Spring time guarantees two things. Pollen and colorful sneakers. Nike is set to release the latest new color scheme for the popular Nike Air Raid and I see them being a huge seller. The Nike Air Raid “Breeze” is set to drop on May 1st and these ones could be the best Air Raid’s to drop so  far this year. These mango, fruit punch and teal colored Air Raid’s will retail for $135. What do you thing of these Nike Air Raid “Breeze”’s?

mi140419-02-r1-565x372-500x329 Nike Air Raid “Breeze” (Photos)

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