Lucky Nick – 100 Missed Calls (Mixtape)

July 2, 2014 0

cover-1 Lucky Nick - 100 Missed Calls (Mixtape)


Whoever the genius was that said Luck is when preparation meets opportunity must have been inspired by Virginia emceeLucky Nick, whose rare combination of Grade A showmanship, electrifying lyricism, and to-die-for swag has him destined for international superstardom. Today Lucky Nick releases his heavily anticipated mixtape “100 Missed Calls”  that’s sure to propel his career to the heights of luminaries like Jay-Z, Nas, and the late greats Notorious B.I.G., Big L., and Tupac Shakur, all of whom he counts as key musical influences.


DOWNLOAD: Lucky Nick – 100 Missed Calls (Mixtape)

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