Emac Dilla – Broken Mirrors

July 21, 2014 0

Emac-Dilla-Broken-Mirrors-500x375  Emac Dilla - Broken Mirrors

This track is called “Broken Mirrors” by Emac Dilla, a female rapper from Inglewood, CA ..this track has raw lyrics that describe a situation, I can say with confidence, we have all experienced, which in conclusion has to do with fake people we once thought were real. She tells a story that has you following along with a catchy hook you may just have stuck in your head by the end of the song. This is a single off her upcoming mixtape self titled “Emac Dilla” which is set to release September 3, 2014. You gotta check it out!


Instagram: @E_dillaomc

Twitter: @EMacDilla

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