Mayer Hawthorne – Crime (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Video)

September 29, 2014 0

Yes, the song is a year old, but you can’t put a timeframe on a dope vision. Mayer Hawthorne & Kendrick Lamar finally got together & shot the video for their ‘Crime’.

The song itself is pretty incredible. Rashida Jones, who directed the visual, took it to an entire different level. Here are a few words from the director about the video:

“The video is a parody of ridiculously exclusive parties which are made nearly impossible to get to but tout themselves as ‘the party of the year.’ I liked the idea of the video starting as a sexy getting-ready video and devolving into a messy, very unsexy, unexpected trek. And the final realization is that YOU are the real party! I’m just starting to realize that about myself (which is why I stay home most nights). I am a HUGE fan of Mayer, Kendrick and of the song ‘Crime’ and it was an honor to work with Mayer.”


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