Chris Brown In Federal Custody For Assault Case

April 5, 2014 0

Chris_Brown_In_Federal_Custody Chris Brown In Federal Custody For Assault Case

Chris Brown is being transported from L.A. to Washington D.C. for his assault case. Mark Geragos, his attorney, filed a motion to personally transport his client but Chris was moved before the hearing took place. The singer boarded a prisoner airline, (think the plane from Con Air), the trip has several layovers in which Chris will be in different prisons, and may take up to two weeks. A D.C. judge ordered Breezy to be moved back to the East Coast so he could appear in court on April 17. Although the current charge against him is a misdemeanor assault charge, he was kicked out of court-ordered rehab following the 2009 incident with Rihanna which will probably be a huge factor in the case. He faces up to four years in prison.

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