Details On Floyd Mayweather’s New Business Deals

February 3, 2014 0

Floyd_Mayweather Details On Floyd Mayweather's New Business Deals
Floyd Mayweather is venturing into new businesses. Floyd and The Money Team have been beyond successful, but even he knows that he can’t box forever. The boxer is now hoping to achieve the same success in the clothing business and more. Josie Harris, who has three children with the boxer, currently running a baby shower company called Nappiesacks with Floyd. Melissia Brim, the mother of Floyd’s daughter, will be opening Vegas boutique later this month backed by her former man. Along with those ventures, Floyd is invested in BadMedina Cosmetics with his massage therapist, Doralie Medina, and they are hoping to launch a full cosmetic line, starting with lip glosses.

Good luck to him!

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