Solange & Jay Z Spotted Shopping Together, More Details On Attack Emerge

May 13, 2014 2

Jay_Z_Beyonce_Solange Solange & Jay Z Spotted Shopping Together, More Details On Attack Emerge
The Solange x Beyonce x Jay Z situation has taken four interesting turns today.
I’ll start with the good news, yesterday Jay Z and Beyonce were spotted court-side at the Nets game last night and seemed perfectly normal as if the footage of Solange’s elevator attack didn’t exist. For the naysayers that would say it was just to save face, the couple was spotted court-side on May 10 with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Even better news, Jay Z and Solange were spotted earlier today in New York City shopping together. The in-laws were inside of Mr. Flawless, a high-end jewelry store, for about 20-minutes today browsing the woman’s section. According to people in the store, the duo looked at a few pieces and weren’t really speaking much, but didn’t show any anger towards each other.

Solange shopping with Jay Z is certainly a switch from the songbird’s recent action of deleting all recent Instagram pictures she had with her sister. There are a few pics of the sisters together, but recent ones have been taken down. The most recent picture that remains is a throwback picture of the sisters with Melina Matsoukas, a video director posted 15 months ago. This is the closest we’ve come to any of the parties invovled to address the situation, unless you count Bey’s Instagram post from the day after the altercation.

Now onto the details that have emerged about what may have caused Solange to attack her brother in law. According to sources, hours before the attack Solange was spotted screaming at designer Rachel Roy. Roy is not only a friend of the family, but the ex-wife Hov’s former business partner, Dame Dash. Rachel is said to have approached Solange in a confrontational way earlier in the night to the point that Beyonce was heard telling Roy, “don’t talk to my sister like that.” It is also rumored that Solange is not happy that Rachel and Jay Z are close.

After the incident with Rachel occurred but before they left the party, there was also tension between Jay and Solange after she attempted to get two of her unknown friends into the event by having them name-dropping Jay Z. The issue was called to Bey and Hov’s bodyguard, Julius, who wouldn’t let Solange’s crew inside. The trio is said to have abruptly the party right after that .

Upon leaving the party, Jay Z is said to have told his security detail that he would be attending another party without his wife. The trio left the Standard’s Met Gala after party and Hov was heading to Rihanna’s after party. Allegedly as they were entering the elevator, Solange asked “Why can’t you go home?” She turned to Beyonce and said, “Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?” Hov is said to have responded with “You’re one to talk.” After that conversation and everything that occurred earlier in the day, things erupted in the elevator.

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