Swizz Beatz Talks Going To Back To School, Harvard To Be Exact, Dorm Life, Music & More (Video)

June 4, 2014 0

swizz-beatz-talks-going-to-back-to-school-harvard-to-be-exact-dorm-life-music-more-video-HHS1987-2014 Swizz Beatz Talks Going To Back To School, Harvard To Be Exact, Dorm Life, Music & More (Video)

Swizz Beatz visited The Breakfast Club and talked about not getting respect in these business meetings which led to his decision to go back to school. Not just any school, Harvard Business school. He talks about living in a dorm, it being a humbling experience because it could of been a jail cell. He sleeps on a twin bed, most people don’t know him as Swizz beatz and he is in the hardest class. You have to be successful in order to get enrolled in this class. There are students who own businesses generating millions & billions.

He also talks about getting frustrated with the music culture and the people not owning things anymore. He talks about growing and not getting comfortable. He talks about being in the owners program, and even gives up a few gems. His professor talks about “make them feel like they own something” and he relates that to the industry wants label deals but the percentages don’t add up to anything. He talks about the people and artists having the power to do things themselves, distribution being online now and artists can run the industry.

On the music side of things, Swizz talks about producing records for Nicki Minaj and waiting to see if his records will make the album. He talks about having a five star studio with high class artwork, great couches, great views, caring about the presentation when he has meetings in his studio and more. He talks about DMX & The Lox having dope Swizz Beatz records dropping soon. That lead to his discussion on whether DMX and The Lox can still make an impact. He talked about this generations youth/ viewers not caring about lyrics and only caring about beats & the hooks. He talks about seeing the industry now and seeing what is popular and trending these days. He talks about having a catalog of over 500 records but people only remembering 10+ joints. He talks deciding if he should make another run in the music game and whether it will hurt his catalog.

He talks liking Meek Mill because he is a balance of lyricism & turn up music. He talked about hearing both Meek intro’s, the old one and the new one. He talks about Meek having his Monster headphones deal and more.

He talks about Alicia Keys, the family, going on a trip and hanging out with Alicia, Mashonda, and their kids. He talked about everything being smooth, no tension between his kids mothers and more.

He talks about being a philanthropist with the best photographer of pop culture. He talks about having a street named after him in the Bronx, ‘Swizz Beatz Street’. He talks graduating in 2016. He talks being compared to Puff’s honorary doctored from Howard. He said puff deserved that. He talks about making education cool.

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