Change The Game: NBA Executives are Considering adding a 4 Point Line to the Game

February 26, 2014 0


As the NBA moves forward in the era of Adam Silver, the new Commissioner is already considering making serious improvements to game. After already being on record saying the NBA’s goal is to rival the NFL as America’s favorite sport, Adam Silver, NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn and vice president Kiki Vandeweghe are entertaining the idea of adding a 4 point line and expanding the floor in the NBA game.

The NBA’s current floor size is 94-foot-by-50-foot and the NBA has used the 3 point line since the 1979-80 season but a change is strongly possible. Although they don’t give mention to the possible new measurements it has been mentioned that a 4 point shot could be about 28-30 feet away from the rim. Could you see Melo or Durant pulling up for a 4 point shot? Stay tuned to HHS1987 for more information on the possible new NBA.

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