Kevin Durant Withdraws From Team USA Basketball

August 7, 2014 0

Kevin-Durant-USA-011 Kevin Durant Withdraws From Team USA Basketball


I wondered how Paul George’s injury would affect the Team USA roster and it appears the results speak for themselves. OKC Thunder MVP Kevin Durant has decided to step away from this years 2014 FIBA tournament due to mental and physical exhaustion.

Durant if you ask me is protecting himself and can we really be mad at that? Durant was a member of both Team USA’s 2010 world championship and 2012 London Olympics gold medal teams so he has the experience. Now its about not getting injured. Durant also has the decision to make if he should sign with Under Armour during this 2014 NBA offseason so he felt leaving the team was his best option at this time.

I wonder will anymore all-stars decide not to wear USA across their chest this summer. Stay tuned to HHS1987 for all your NBA news.

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