MNF: New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Predictions)

September 29, 2014 0

092614-GamePreviewNEvsKC-Thumb-nfl_medium_540_360 MNF: New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Predictions)

Tonight’s NFL Monday night football matchup features the (2-1) New England vs. (1-2) Kansas City Chiefs. Tom Brady and the Patriots are looking to prove fans wrong as many believe the Pats already are done. The Chiefs are looking to bounce back after losing two games in their first three matchups after starting the season undefeated in 2013.

With Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles back in the lineup I expect the Chiefs to put up big numbers on the ground. Look for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to toss for 2 touchdowns and over 300 yards.

The New England Patriots are out to prove that they can still score and that Tom Brady is still elite. Look for the Patriots to run the ball most of the night to protect Tom Brady. Brady will toss two touchdowns tonight and pass for 224 yards.

Chiefs 27  Patriots 21 

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