Started from the Bottom: Kyle Lowry Agrees to Stay in Toronto with a 4 Year $48 Million Deal

July 2, 2014 0


I can honestly say this is some of the best news of the day. Philly native,  Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry has just been paid. Lowry and the Toronto Raptors have agreed to terms keeping he in a Raptors uniform over the next four years. Lowry has agreed to a four year deal worth $48 million dollars. Lowry was one of the most sought after free agents in this years 2014 NBA free agency maze and he is now off the board.

Congrats to Kyle Lowry are getting the deal he deserved. He’s come a long way from playing put up ball with me and my crew at the Main street courts in Philly.

Stay tuned to HHS1987 for all your NBA free agency moves.

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