6FO – Bout My PayPuh (Video)

July 21, 2014 0

Bred on the rough streets of the East Coast, and nestled in between Philly and NYC, a soon to be star named 6FO has emerged from the concrete rubble and chaos known as Central Jersey.   Coming off a brief hiatus after personal challenges like the well documented shooting of his close friend and collaborator E-9 (via Hip-HopDX), as well as the birth of his son, New Brunswick, NJ  rapper 6FO is ready to make the push to the next level in his career.  While 6FO is still gaining new fans and attention from the blogs, some Hip-Hop fans and media know 6FO from his  XXL The Break feature in 2011 as well is his song “M.O.N.E.Y.” which featured Waka Flocka.
“Jersey is a hard place to come up from.  Being surrounded by Philly and NYC our identity gets hidden sometimes since we don’t have our own radio station for hip-hop.  To see 24 years out here is a huge achievement, this is the survival of the strongest and the hustlers. You have to use your brain and wit to live a long life out here,” 6FO explained.  “I’m street savvy and well respected, and I’m not glorifying the madness and chaos of the streets, but I’ve found a way to navigate through the struggle.”
The song “Bout My PayPuh” speaks of the adversity that many people in the struggle can relate to; losing a close friend, family members facing health issues and finding a way to provide for your family. 6FO plans to bring it home in the coming weeks as he will be releasing visuals filmed in his ancestral home of Ghana. Viewers can expect raw visuals that showcase the struggles of people on the other side of the Atlantic and provide a rugged backdrop for the struggle that 6FO represents.
“Representing the struggle is typical, but for it to be really heartfelt and to connect with fans I decided to take it to the hood in Ghana, where people can really see and understand the struggle of a whole other type,” 6FO said.  “This time around I’m trying to give it my all, this is my passion, I can’t let E-9 die in vain, I gotta keep my brother’s name alive. I flew to a whole other country and shot this video.  I’m leaving the porch for a better way, I’m trying to get there man I’m trying to make it.

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