Basketball Wives LA (Season 3, Episode 1) (Full Video)

February 17, 2014 0

basketball-wives-la-season-3-episode-1-full-video-Draya-HHS1987-2014 Basketball Wives LA (Season 3, Episode 1) (Full Video)

Here is the full episode of Basketball Wives season 3 episode 1. Draya turns to Malaysia for serious relationship advice. The women discuss a difference of opinion over straying men. Ariane surprises the ladies with her sexual history. Brandi brings up a sore subject for Sundy while Ariane rehashes the past with Draya.

Watch the episode below.

Watch HHS1987’s BWyche sit down interview with Draya back in 2013 below. (Sidebar, I was a little star struck because she looks amazing in person, so excuse the nervousness lol.)

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