Mach-Hommy Announces New Album and Drops Single “#RICHAXXHAITIAN”

May 7, 2024 0

unnamed-9-500x500 Mach-Hommy Announces New Album and Drops Single "#RICHAXXHAITIAN"

Mach-Hommy moves through the industry like a ghost, keeping his government name private, hiding his face behind a Haitian flag bandana, and eschewing all forms of social media. Though he’s mostly content to dwell in the shadows, Mach knows exactly when to emerge and make his presence felt. On his next album #RICHAXXHAITIAN, out May 17th, Mach not only confronts the ills that have long afflicted Haiti, but empowers any entity in confrontation with existing power paradigms. While switching between the colloquialisms of the Vailsburg section of Newark, Haitian Kreyol, and taunting French lullabies, he extends the richness of his culture to empower the listener and evoke their imagination for a brighter future.

Mach-Hommy drops “#RICHAXXHAITIAN,” the album’s title track, produced by GRAMMY-winning Haitian-Canadian artist KAYTRANADA and featuring L.A. street legend 03 Greedo. Following in the footsteps of “$payforhaiti,” Mach’s fan-favorite 2022 collaboration with KAYTRANADA, “#RICHAXXHAITIAN” is an uptempo, house-inflected heatrock, featuring an interpolation of Afrobeat legend Odion Iruoje’s “Ikebe” and boasting some of the densest lyrics, fastest rhyming, and most engaging melodies of Mach’s long career. 03 Greedo proves to be the perfect flexing partner, his melodic flow percolating over KAYTRA’s instrumental as he struggles to choose between the numerous Lambos in his garage. Stay tuned for much more from the #RICHAXXHAITIAN album!



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