Dreamchasers x Shy Glizzy – Sigel Street Vlog

July 30, 2014 7


Shy Glizzy and the Dreamchasers (Tak, Omelly, Deen & Pmon) shoot their latest vlog live from Sigel street. Wearing a Dreamchasers chain, its obvious Shy Glizzy is apart of the chasers now. Everyone talks on camera to let the viewers know they are still out here in the hood and are shouting out “Free Meek Mill.”

Checkout Tak HHS1987 interview from Sigel street below.

Checkout the behind the scenes footage of Omelly’s “DC Stamp” video below.

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  • Damn this crazy…For those that don’t know this is the same dude that came 2 OBH n said Meek Mill was talkin shit about em.If u seen the Lik Moss interview n thought dudes was just hatin Meek it wasn’t the case.This dude is the same person that said Meek was tryna sign him so him n Louie V could right 4 him n that Meek told him 2 stay away from the OBH niggas cause they “wild street niggas”.Aint never been no hate from OBH toward Meek!This fuck ass DC nigga playin tape recorder n come tell OBH Meek talkin dirty and that could’ve came 2 some REAL

  • Mickilla

    Damn I was wondering what that shit was about.I fuck wit Obh n DC n that’s some nut shit the shy glizzy bul did!

  • Buckem187

    Dammmmmmm,I remember Shy glizzy was running round wit Obh n Ab was showin him love.I see he always postin Free Meek I was wondering why he ain’t doing the same for Ab.Wasnt him n Ab suppose to drop a mixtape?

  • Gotdatyayo

    #FREEARAB #FREEMEEKMILL #PHILLY #FUCKSHYGLIZZY that nigga a nut 4 that turkey shit!

  • Wreckbox54

    Philly niggas gotta stick 2gether n don’t let outside dudes start shit n ride our wave!All them blogs make since now.smh


    AR-AB b home n a few months

  • MikeyV

    First time I ever heard of Shy glizzy was n a ab interview on here.Dude don’t even give Ar a shoutout now. #LAME