A Moment With Monroe Sweets (Interview)

July 12, 2014 13

monroe21-e1351084887646 A Moment With Monroe Sweets (Interview)

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of talking with up and coming pornstar and the newest member of Cherokee’s Vixens Monroe Sweets. Cherokee has been a staple and one of the biggest porn stars in the porn industry and her prodigy Monroe Sweets plans on marching down the same yellow brick road. Although we did talk about sex and the secrets of the porn industry I was also granted the chance to see just who Monroe Sweets is once the camera is off. Check out my interview and get to know your new favorite porn star, Monroe Sweets!

monroe-e1351084936337 A Moment With Monroe Sweets (Interview)

What drove you to want to be in the porn business? I’ve always had a nicebody and wanted to make people smile and be a fantasy like the women in industry

Which is more fascinating? Having sex on film or the business of the porn industry?
I think the buisness of porn is its simply remarkable. We have Thousands even millions of fans , the stars,t he money and projects we put together.

Has the U.S. economy over the last 4 years effected the porn industry?
I’m not sure it seems to be doing fine to me but I am just now getting into the buisness

Who do you receive more attention from? Males or Females?
I would have to say both my ass is an attention getter I must say

What was your favorite show/movie as a kid?
A bugs life was my fav movie and Clarissa Explains It All was my favorite  show

When you were in Middle School where did you see your life now?
I wanted to be a Playboy Bunny lol

Is there a different with Sex as your job and sex in your personal life?
No I dont think so

If you could do a scene with a current or former celebrity male or female who would it be? Why?
Taraji P Henson that women is too fine for no reason

What are your goals in the porn business? what are your goals outside the porn industry?
I want to make people smile show them the real me. When I succeed I want to take care of my fans and take on as many projects as I can. My goal outside of porn to be established and have alot of money in my account so I can flip it

Are you a fan of HipHop? Who is currently in your iPad?
Yes. Meek Mill,Rick Ross and Waka Flocka
Who do you listen do during sex?  R.Kelly & Marvin Gaye

Can America financially recover from the last 10 years?
I believe so if everyone is willing to help each other and fix what is hurting us most

Does your imagination ever run wild during scenes? Have you ever lost focus while filming?
I have only shot 1 scene so far and I was thinking a million things and I was nervous at first

What is the vibe like Behind the scences of a porn scene?
Very intense to me but cool. I had fun

Do you plan on ever getting married? Will that decision effect your career?
yes and no if my spouse loves me they will have to understand buisness comes first and support

How do you prepare yourself for a scene?  I had a drink before i shot my first scene and i was like ok here goes nothing

Have you ever learned a new trick outside of work and added it during a scene?
not yet but ive seen a few things id like to try on my next scene

Do you enjoy sports? whats your favorite team? why?  Yes baseball and the New York Yankees they play with determination to win

If you could take one thing with you when you leave this world what would it be? why?
My Marilyn monroe pictures that is my happiness

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