No Money Mo’ Problems: Russell Simmons Responds After Catching Fire As Direct-Deposit Funds Are Frozen Funds From Rush Card!

November 17, 2015 0

Russell-Simmons-RushCardFor the past few weeks Russell Simmons has been under fire with card members from his Rush Card program for frozen funds. Members claim their direct-deposit funds have been frozen and they can access their own money. Russell spoke with HHDX about the situation at hand, which he remains strong behind his company:

“It was one of the most devastating times in my adult life. I know how hard people work to get money,” Simmons claimed. “I know how damaging it could be if people were not able to get to their money. It’s true that we built almost a virtual bank. We built a company that people relied on for everything, from automatic bill pay to early direct deposit to transferring money to family members. We know that this was a very big thing. When transferring processors, we had a crash. That crash set off a tsunami, so a lot of things happened as a result of it. We had hundreds of people working on it and it’s just now over the last two weeks back to normal as far as the services we offer. Every single person gets their direct deposit two days early. A lot of the services we had—the card-to-card transfer—all of these things are back in order. Now I have the rebuilding process to restore trust from the community and paying back people who were damaged.” 

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