Numbers Don’t Lie: YouTube Removing “301+ Views” To Provide More Accurate Numbers!

August 6, 2015 0


Have you ever noticed that whenever a video is posted on YouTube and it reaches 301 views, the view count remains at “301+ views?” It has been a mystery to me, and I’m sure all of you for a while as to why this occurs. The reason behind the freezing is, that it allows their system to check for bots and other fraudulent means of increasing the numbers. The result is, a few hours of playing the guessing game to figure out the exact number of streams until a solid number replaces “301+ views.” Well good folks on the E-streets, YouTube is now set to remove the menacing tag in order to provide with more accurate and up-to-date numbers.

We’re saying goodbye to 301+ and hello to more up-to-date video views.

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