Curtain Call: Calvin Johnson Has Informed The Detroit Lions That He Plans To Retire

February 1, 2016 0

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This just might be the saddest day in Lions history since the death of Mufasa. After a fantastic NFL career with the Detroit Lions, All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson has informed Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell that he plans to retire. Johnson is 30 years old and seems to still have a lot of game left inside him however he feels otherwise.

According to ESPN, 

Detroit Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson told his family and a close circle of friends before the past season that 2015-16 would be his final season in the NFL. He delivered the same message to coach Jim Caldwell the day after the regular season ended, sources told ESPN.

Caldwell told Johnson not to rush his decision and to take his time, sources told ESPN. Out of respect to Caldwell, Johnson agreed to do just that, according to sources.

The Lions have not given up hope that Johnson will change his mind, but one person who knows Johnson well said, “He’s pretty content with his decision.”

After nine seasons in the NFL, Johnson’s body is beaten down. The five-time Pro Bowler has battled lingering ankle injuries and general body soreness to the point that it would be difficult for him to return for another season, during which he would turn 31 years old.

Johnson’s body has been so sore and his conviction so strong that he shared his decision to retire after the 2015 season with only two teammates — quarterback Matthew Stafford and linebacker Stephen Tulloch — with the request that they keep it confidential, according to sources.

I’m in no way shape or form questioning Calvin Johnson’s character but I wonder if Calvin who consider staying around and playing for a winning franchise. Calvin Johnson is one of the best football players I’d ever witnessed and if last season was Calvin Johnson’s final year in the NFL, it was pleasure watching him play the game.

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