Malik Ninety Five – Need to Know

April 7, 2017 0

unnamed-2-1-500x329 Malik Ninety Five - Need to Know

New Orleans artist Malik Ninety Five has been on fire since he began prepping the release of his highly anticipated new album, The Paradise Project. And the excitement for that project only intensifies with “Need to Know,” his moody and melodic new single that’s sure to become an anthem for anyone who prefers working alone.


Despite the hook’s lonesome (and addictive) message of “Smokin’, plottin’, just doin’ things on my own,” the track is very much a collaboration with fellow NO artists CLBTS and Westline. Both artists co-produced the track alongside Malik, who again proves that his talents extend beyond the booth.


Clearly, the kid can spit and sings better than some cats who focus on one or the other, something we’ve already heard in preceding joints “Link Up”and “Right Now.” But there’s a darker, more thoughtful quality to “Need to Know” that makes it all the more unique and refreshing. Malik’s message of doing things on his own doesn’t come across as contrived or false, either. You instead get the sense that he’s been let down by those close to him—perhaps a relationship that went south—and wants to focus on getting his while he can.


“Need to Know” is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming outlets. Keep an eye out for more content in promotion of The Paradise Project, which is set to drop this summer!

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