CALEBORATE – 4 Willem (Video)

December 3, 2017 0

Standing strong under the weight of his bills, his career, and his experiences, Caleborate opens up about his life on the single, recounting his struggles to follow his dream while completing college and mourning a close friend lost to gun violence last year. Filmed during a recent visit to New York, Caleborate hides in plain sight in the “4 Willem” music video, ruminating on street corners and rooftops as the world passes him by.

Explains Caleborate, “The ‘Willem’ in the track title refers to the song’s producer – the way we met is crazy. I’ve never met him in person, even though we’ve been making music since 2012. We met through Facebook when he sent me a random message. I dedicated the song to him because we didn’t work on my 1993 project. So I when I heard this beat, I knew I wanted to put it on the album and I dedicated it to him. The second verse is near and dear to me. It’s about my boy Darian, a childhood friend I grew up playing basketball with. He was murdered last year at a party in Sacramento. When he passed away, it was a wake up call–It made me appreciate the people in my life more.”

Tune in up top.

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