Chess – I Got Money (Official Video)

June 30, 2017 0

Philadelphia hip hop artist, Chess, is making some important moves as he drops his single, “I
Got Money,” at midnight on his birthday, June 30th. He has been working relentlessly on his
Black Pill Project, set to be released in August. Chess brings to life his lyrical genius in all of work that he does. He knows what hard work and dedication mean to Philadelphia artists, and
he is setting himself up as a winner. He recorded Black Pill Project and his song “I Got Money”
that is dropping June 30th at the legendary Circle House Studio in Miami on the same mic that
Pharrell recorded “Happy”on. The video for “I Got Money,” was recorded in FDR Park in South
Philadelphia. Philadelphia and Miami have a heavy influence on this song with a lot of sauce
with a rock twist. It bridges the lifestyles of art and skateboarding. With live musicians, incredible bars, and solid content, “I Got Money” is definitely showing its worth to Chess and his music career.

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