Yolo King – Zoe Baby (Video)

May 19, 2017 0

Aside from being an international artist Yolo King has been showing that he is also an entrepreneur as well. Yolo will soon be releasing his culture apparel Zoe Nation under label Zoe Nation Records.

The line is a movement to unite and support the Haitian community. As Yolo supports his Haitian heritage,10% of all proceeds from apparel will be given back to the Haitian community. The clothing apparel is a quality brand and already gaining notoriety with catchy phrases such as Haitians Vs Everybody” “Pale Lajan” and “C’est La Vie Haiti” visit www.1yoloking.com to order now and learn more about Yolo King.

The follow up record from Zoe Baby will be his next single “Fee” which you can get a preview of on his social media or catch him performing it live while on tour.

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