Soulja Boy talks upcoming book “Teenage Millionaire”

September 4, 2010 0

souljaboy Soulja Boy talks upcoming book “Teenage Millionaire”

It’s safe to assume Soulja Boy had A LOT of help writing his upcoming book, “Teenage Millionaire,” based on hearing him speak in interviews. Yea so what, he’s a product of a crappy school system but he’s sitting on millions. Soulja Boy gives us a little more detail about what we can expect from his first book.

“It talks about me making my first million dollars at 17 years old.  I talk about how my life changed. It talks about the music industry, everything I learned about the music industry — how I got into the music industry with my mind set, all the ins and outs that I go through. All the chapters break down my beliefs and what steps and methods I took to get in this position. I just go and break [them] down into detail. I just want all my fans to read it when my album drops and have a good read and feel where I’m coming from.”

“Teenage Millionaire” will release next month in conjunction with his new album.

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