DJ Damage’s TV Show Premiere! @DJfnDamage

October 10, 2011 0

damagepic-230x300 DJ Damage’s TV Show Premiere! @DJfnDamage

I had the great privilege of being invited to the premiere of DJ Damage’s new web television show, “The Damage Report,” on behalf of Hip Hop Since 1987. I also had the chance to interview the Fresh Prince of Radio himself. Saturday’s event was held at the amazing, Waterview Lounge and the most beautiful people in the city attended to show love to Damage in all of his success. The atmosphere was sophisticated as well as elegant, with a guest list of professionals and entrepreneurs, the ambiance that filled the space was a welcoming experience.

First and foremost, interviewing Damage was a breeze. He is such a cool, down to earth person and I felt as though it was just a regular conversation. I asked DJ Damage why the name “Damage”? He says that when he was younger, he was in a rap group and he went by the name, “DJ Dual,” but he needed a better name so his friend suggested “Damage” because he does, damage! Straying away from rapping, Damage started beat boxing and mixing on turntables which led him to become a DJ, getting his first opportunity at Temple’s radio station and linking up with Radio One. All in all, the name stuck with him.

One of the many things I wanted to know about him was how he juggled being a DJ and a full time student at Temple University as a Broadcasting and Telecommunications major. Damage states that it was because of “Amazing people, good friends” and “ It was because of key people who updated me on homework and quizzes…etc” “It was a blessing…Hard as hell but… I DID IT!”

At the end of the interview I wanted to know who Damage’s role models are, expecting a list of individual people I was shocked at his answer. He believes that everyone is his role model because everyone inspires him. Damage says that, “I can meet you today, you tell me what you do and that can inspire me to do something.” I found that so amazing. How dope would it be for YOU to inspire DJ Damage?

The Damage Report” is inspired by Kiarra Solomon (@ms_soflyy), the Executive Producer of the show. Shout out to the production crew, South 9 Entertainment and to Damage’s publicist, Chi Chi (@ThePhoenixPr) who was the host of Saturday evening’s event . The show will be aired all throughout Villa stores on Villa TV and online at which will air in the Fall. The first show interviewed celebrity, The Game (@TheGame), Gianni Lee (@giannilee) from Babylon Cartel and Show Tizzi (@showtizzi_sf) from the Supa Fly Boys. And also be on the lookout for “Damage in the Street” which is a segment on the show that allows everyday citizens to be apart of it. This first show was AMAZING and I look forward to seeing more… You Should Too!!!

Brittany Renáe


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