Kanye West launches GURU energy drink

April 11, 2009 0


guru Kanye West launches GURU energy drink

Kanye West x GURU. No not the member of Gang Starr. GURU is an energy drink founded in 1999 in Canada. And like all great things Canadian like….ummmm…..the Raptors….there is a major push to influence the U.S. market. And what better way to do that than to broker a multi-million dollar deal with Kanye West?

That’s right folks. Kanye West can add “Energy Drink owner” to his resume as he is now officially an equity partner with GURU Beverage Co. According to the press release, Kanye will develop an entirely new GURU drink product “inspired by his own artistic vision.” The new product has been kept under wraps but is set to launch later this year and will be fully supported by the Kanye West marketing machine.

“I express myself through music, fashion, art and design and that’s why I am excited to collaborate with GURU; because the brand values what I value, and I can put what inspires me into this new product,” said Kanye West.

Props to the GURU team for giving us the heads up. This should be an interesting business arrangement. Pretty curious to see what this product is going to be.


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