Trick Daddy Address Rick Ross Beef "I Raised His Ass"

May 6, 2009 0

rickross Trick Daddy Address Rick Ross Beef "I Raised His Ass"  Trick Daddy spoke with radio personality Angela Yee this morning (May 6) to address Rick Ross‘ recent taunts and to reveal his issues with the Miami rapper.

Along with saying he had nothing to do with leaking an image of Ross’ corrections officer graduation, Trick said he helped pave the way for his fellow Southern emcee.

“I’d like to apologize to all my fans even the Rick Ross fans for any of this situation coming up because I know it’s gonna get bigger now because I’ve said something about it,” Trick said. “I read the blogs and would like to thank everybody for commending me for taking it like a man and knowing that I said the political correct answer and I’d also like to apologize for my kid misbehaving in class and on the radio and in concerts because I raised his a**. What happened, I let Ross start eatin’ table food too fast, you know when you don’t raise your kid they will throw their hands up at you…I just don’t understand it, I was a big Ross fan and if you check all my interviews, you check the web, radio, I never sneak dissed him, I always tell people I like Ross as an artist even when he was Teflon Don. Whatever he wanted to be, I supported him. For him to try and assasinate my character and then what’s the sad part about this is when the first corrections officer picture came out about a week later I saw an interview, the interviewer said, ‘So Rick Ross, how do you feel about Trick Daddy calling you a prison guard,’ time-out. Ain’t no way you went for that dumb a** sh*t right there. The sad part is that that interview is three years old.” (Shade 45)

Trick’s name is heard via Ross’ “Valley of Death” record in which he said Trick had AIDS.

“Caught a little case, buddy had a little cheddar,” Ross raps on “Valley of Death.” “Pled out to 15, poured his life in a letter/ Very first line he called Trick Daddy stupid/ Said he had AIDS telling people that it’s lupus/ Not the one just to jump to conclusions/ I’m getting money, small talk can be a nuisance.” (“Valley of Death”)

He previously opted out of dissing Ross and discussed the disease’s seriousness last month.

“Millions of people are stricken with lupus,” Trick said in an interview. “I have stayed out of the bullsh*t, I will continue to stay out of it. Ross had been with Slip-N-Slide Records as long as I have been with Slip-N-Slide Records. He’s known I’ve had lupus for 10 years. I was referred to my doctor by Ted Lucas who is the head of Slip-N-Slide Records. I would like to apologize to everyone suffering with lupus. I would like to apologize for the insults.” (MTV)

Upon learning of his illness, SOHH also spoke with Trick to learn what advice he could give others.

“I don’t want no body to feel embarrassed about it or uncomfortable about it,” he explained. “A lot of people probably think, ‘Oh I hate my life. Why do God got me living like this? Why am I the only one’? No, there’s hundreds of thousands of millions of us that suffer from the disease. I’m a person that would get a couple of people’s attention. I could make them a little more comfortable with dealing with the situation.” (SOHH)

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