Are we to blame if #TroyDavis is Executed? via (@eldorado2452)

September 21, 2011 1

Troy-Davis-2 Are we to blame if #TroyDavis is Executed? via (@eldorado2452)

Over the last two weeks the name Troy Davis has been heard on news programs from ABC, CBS,CNN  and MSNBC to BET and MTV. His story has been shared and discussed everywhere from local and national radio stations and now even taking our social media by storm trending on Twitter and being posted on Facebook. The Case of Troy Davis has taken our nation and our World but storm but is it to late? If Troy Davis’ execution isnt denied and he is killed did we fail as a people?

Troy Davis was convicted for the murder of off duty police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989. 1989 people. The murder weapon was never found and no physical evidence was able to link Davis to the crime. Over the last 22 years Davis’ case has been appealed several times and dates for execution have been set four times most recently the date set for tonight September 21, 2011 at 7 pm.  The biggest mystery in this case is why hasn’t this case been dropped and Davis freed. In the intervening years seven of the nine eyewitnesses have all recanted their testimonies. Seven out of Nine! Celebrities, Political Reps and common citizens have urged Georgia not to go though with the dubious exection but as of yesterday the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole has refused to grant clemency.

My question to the world is if Mr. Davis is executed and taken from his family who is really at fault? Can we sit back and blame the government or must we own this death and realized we dropped the ball? What happen to the days of protesting and organizing? What happen to Churches and schools being the voice of their respective communities? We live in an age that cares more about Beyonce’s marriage and Hiphop’s latest beef. A world were parents are babysitters and not life shapers.  A world that mistakes fantasy for reality and a nation that’s economy has broken morals and destroyed hope in households from Oakland to Philadelphia.

As the clock ticks and 7pm approaches us no one knows what can be done to save the life of a possible innocent man in Troy Davis.  I ask if you have read this article that you look in the mirror and ask yourself what can be done to provide change and promote justice in today’s society. I ask no matter religion, race or gender that we wake up and understand our world and where we are going wrong. Someone’s life depends on it.

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