“Music At Heart” by Jay2Craxyyy

May 24, 2024 0

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Growing up in Augusta, GA Jay2Craxyyy
always had one goal in mind which was to do something in life to appreciate his love for music. Jay2Craxyyy never gave up on that dream and still chasing it today. In general, Jay always gravitated to wordplay, bars, and freestyling. Now he has tried to put all of that into one and make songs that can attract other listeners. Jay2Craxyyy experiments with different sounds and tries to be different from what we call rap, and show people that modern rap doesn’t always have to be the same 808 patterns or the same rap flow, it can be magic.

Producing was also a gateway for Jay2Craxyyy
to express himself. He says “Every time I heard a melody or made something up in my head, I would put that melody to some pads and a piano and build on it, creating these masterpieces.” That’s what really gravitated Jay2Craxyyy to be a producer as well because he will listen to a song and think I can make a melody or a certain drum pattern sound way more catchy or do it better. Jay2Craxyyy’s motto is I’m an overachiever and love to resonate with what feels good and how hard a drum should be hitting. That’s what got me into producing.

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