DjAYEboogie (@DjAYEboogie) – Round 1 #MoneyTeam Set @ Newtrition DJ Battle (Video)

December 1, 2011 0

img_5384 DjAYEboogie (@DjAYEboogie) - Round 1 #MoneyTeam Set @ Newtrition DJ Battle (Video)  This was Aye’s best round in my opinion, but Ricochet won the battle with his round 2 performance. We need that footage.

DjAYEboogie writes:

It was a known fact that me and the homie DJ Ricochet had a long overdue battle in the works. With a little added help of Abstract Thought we were able to finally set the record straight at NEWtrition. Let me be the first to say it was not easy prepping for this event with being a host, house DJ, and performing with several artisit and still have to develop my own set to compete BUT I got the job done. I just want to take time out and salute the homie Ric for setting me straight when I first entered this DJ’ing thing and acting as somewhat of a mentor for me. However there will always come a time when one must establish themselves and this proved to be the time. The rules were clear, 2 rounds … 5 min sets … the crowd would be the judge. Round 1 ….. watch below

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