Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

May 23, 2012 0

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

Sample reign clears up with the first good look at the Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack. Consisting of all signature Air Jordan models up to the 2011, this colorful collection relies on tonal color blocking and metallic tint. Much like previous display packs, these are not expected to release.

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-1-2-3-4 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-5-6-7-8 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-9-10-11-12 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-13-14-15-16 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-17-18-19-20 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-21-22-23-2009 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

air-jordan-rainbow-pack-HHS1987-2012-2010-2009 Air Jordan “Rainbow” Pack

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