This is…Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

September 6, 2012 0

image This is...Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

Culture Fresh opened it’s doors in the Fall of 2008 in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Az with a mission to showcase the  style and roots of  the city. Store owner, Robert Aguilar had a vision of taking the new and the old and adding a little touch of Fresh to each one.

This is the break down “CULTURE” is seen in the upbringings of past and present times through media and American Culture. We wanted to capture American Culture and lifestyles and display real life on tees; the struggle, strength and life lessons. We know that having personal style is everything so adding our touch of fresh to new, old and original concepts was a must.”

My experiences with Culture Fresh have been nothing but great. They have real nice comfy spot in the heart of Downtown and carry  the illist clothing brands and jewelry coming out of  the city. When you walk in you can always count on feeling the positive energy thats running through that place.

Culture Fresh has been a popular spot for local and celebrity artist to hold meet and greets , art shows, sponsor events and listening parties at their spot. we had a listening party there about a year ago and had a really solid turn out.

So I want to give a shoutout to the homie and owner of Culture Fresh, Robert Aguilar. Yall need to go follow Culture Fresh on Twitter and Facebook then peep the online store @

Check out some of the gear below…

cultureathletics-300x300 This is...Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

ATTACKTEEWHITE1-300x300 This is...Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

trueschool_yelloe_tee-300x300 This is...Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

HEAVYHITTERSBLACKTEE-copy-300x300 This is...Culture Fresh Life (@CultureFresh) via @ElevatorMann

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