Gianni Lee (@GianniLee of @BabylonCartel) – Trill Wave Deux (Mixtape) (Hosted by @PandaReemy)

March 12, 2012 0

TrillWaveDEUXcover1-1024x1024-e1331261794636 Gianni Lee (@GianniLee of @BabylonCartel) - Trill Wave Deux (Mixtape) (Hosted by @PandaReemy)

Gianni Lee of Babylon Cartel:

I want to take the time to share my newest project with you called “Trill Wave Deux”. This project is a musical and artistic offering of various artist all over the world that contribute to the new Trill Wave movement in Hip Hop through, Music Production and Vocal. The download link includes the  mixtape , as well as a DIgital Art Booklet and a Mini Mix I did of some of my favorite songs.

The Tape is Sponsored by Babylon Cartel Clothing Company, Anml Hse Clothing & Mad Decent Monday

Executive Producer: Dirty South Joe: ( Luvstep – Brick Bandits – Mad Decent )

Hosted by: Panda Reemy (Anml Hse)


TrillWaveDEUXcoverBACK-1024x1024-e1331261822223 Gianni Lee (@GianniLee of @BabylonCartel) - Trill Wave Deux (Mixtape) (Hosted by @PandaReemy)


Download Link:

It is a very crazy time in the world right now. With the economy rising and falling before our very eyes more

young people like you and me are figuring out ways of getting things done ourselves. We have no scripts, 

no rules, and no boundaries. In as little as 12 months we have changed the way the record industry functions 

and we have managed to do it more than once. The Trill Wave is a new movement in Hip Hop, blending influence from Bone Thugs 

& Harmony as well as The Houston “Screw” sound, the 3 6 Mafia  Tennessee sound,  and many more into one unique blend.  You 

can credit such new acts ( A$AP Rocky, A$AP MOB, Space Ghost Purp and many more with latching on to the sound and making it 

their own. Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the sounds of Trill Wave Deux. 

– Gianni Lee

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