@HipHopSince1987 x @TheRealDJDamage Presents #DAMAGINGTHESTREETZ (Mixtape)

October 1, 2012 0

hhs1987-x-dj-damage-presents-damagingthestreetz-mixtape-2012 @HipHopSince1987 x @TheRealDJDamage Presents #DAMAGINGTHESTREETZ (Mixtape)

On the first of every month HHS1987 and DJ Damage will be bringing you all of the latest music in one mixtape. This mixtape is composed of hand picked songs from DJ Damage, @ElDorado2452 from Atlanta, @ElevatorMann from Arizona, and myself. So download the mixtape below to hear the latest and greatest tracks from the month of September all in one.

DOWNLOAD: HHS1987 x DJ Damage Presents #DAMAGINGTHESTREETZ (Mixtape)

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