Chief Keef Posts A Flick Of Him Getting Head On Instagram

September 15, 2012 49

Chief Keef Posts A Flick Of Him Getting Head On Instagram


Where is Interscope Records release button at??? Chief Keef continues to keep his name on the blogs but not for music. Tonight the Chicago rapper, Chief Keef post a flick of him getting head on Instagram. lol BANG BANG

view the full photo here

Just last week Chief Keef was being investigated for fellow Chicago rapper Lil Jojo death. Right before that, Chief Keef made headlines when he threaten to smack Lupe Fiasco.

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  • Lmaoo I Love Him ! , Suck That Sick That Dick Bitch So I Don’t Have To ‘

    • Brandon Wyche


  • ChicagoNigga

    She ugly as shit…..#NappyHair, he shouldve put a different bum in pic

    • Brandon Wyche


  • ashley

    her name is Marr .,

    and her twitter name is @O_omar

    • alex william

      That is not the girl that is tiping him off you got the wrong person !!!!!

  • Wtf

    I was dumb enough to click this but thanks for exposing me to child porn. He is a minor.

  • sdgerhgr

    You guys know this is child pornography right? He’s only 17. I’d blur the image if you don’t want to get arrested for Child pornography distribution.

  • Slamtones

    Just reading half the comments here goes to prove how f*cked we are:

    1- this is child porn, and not blurred

    2 – people actually love him for this? I hope your mothers, sisters, aunts and other females you love are never treated like this.

    3 – Its sad she allowed him to do this – if not and she is underage and had no knowledge of his intent he should go to jail for the distribution of child pornography.

    4 – If she knew, its sad that thats how she thinks she earns respect.

    Wtf, indeed – this kid is trash, he’s not a good rapper, and thinks he’s tough because…..? I’ll end on a quote from Tim Dog –

    “Having that gang war / We want to know what you’re fighting for /
    Fighting over colors? / All that gang shit’s for dumb motherfuckers.”

    Grow up and learn to be a real man.

    • sanford48

      i like your 4 clarification but it all boils down to this fuck him definitely can’t rap niggah the bomb(genocide of black america) u see if his ass talkin bout killing so-called jews his ass be still on the streets

    • thats not chil pron she just graduated from mount TABOR high school in winston salem if you want i can send you her fabook link to prove it

    • now goo look thats the real girl and she not minor the girl 18

    • Blackninja3345

      First of all chief keef was 17 when this happend

    • ChiefSosaAmighty

      Stfu…sosa killing the game. fuck yall talmbout…yall can suck his dick too…he making more money then all you haters

  • Jack


  • sosa

    i dont think its that inappropiate since he is almost 18 so he is not a child!!! #teamsosa

    • Ty

      Almost don’t count for shit. He’s still a child.

  • sanford48


  • i know this girl she from winston salem North carolina like no BULLSHIT her name is ASHLEY AND SHE graduated two years ago FROM Mount TAbor high school
    @ [email protected] i llsend you her facebook LOL

  • i know this girl she from winston salem North carolina like no BULLSHIT her name is ASHLEY AND SHE graduated two years ago FROM Mount TAbor high school
    [email protected] i llsend you her facebook LOL

  • she’s holding his dick with one hand. he must have a chode. LOL this bitch ratchet as hell. SMH.

  • X.G.

    the nigga has a kid lol, he a grown ass man wtf?

  • William

    Child porn, that’s that shit I don’t like!

  • Yoooooo chief keef is a mess but I ant judging nobody I still listen too him this photo don’t got me saying stuff cus I’m used to seeing photos like dat I’m from Philly they do did every day……ctfuuu

  • shayshay burnz

    HAHAHAA i went to high school with this girl. I can honestly say, I didn’t see this one coming. S/O to you ash!!! But isn’t chief keef 17???

  • Trippmontrell

    I’m renagade from rockford n we apply pressure here n I see alot of mf hate chief age ain’t shit but a # same mfs talking bout him listen to his shit n you niggas sound like bitches were they do dat at u nigga would have got some throat to n all u hoes would suck dick fo a name every bitch did it before got a name for sucking dick so stop it wanna be known n seen ass hoes bet if he told y’all he want y’all in a video u hoes hurt ya self to get there oh yea rockford we ttu hear n I got merchant on da music it’s very fire hotter than that thang

  • sosa

    by illinois state law hes an adult at 17 dumbasses

  • James

    Suck dat dick bitch all you niggaz are waste you fags r just mad cuz it ain’t you bitch niggaz gettin yur dick sucked #bang bang

  • Shiiit fuck wat y’all wack ads pol saying my nigga jus living life

  • rmac

    This nigga dumb af and lost in this world. Whoever took this picture gay as hell, and it was one of his “bro’s”. Gtfo! Y’all support this shit, Smh! Nigga you younger than me w / a baby, a record, and now underage porn ? Come on now, the industry just pick any shit from the crowd.

  • smith


  • ms.ree

    Hey sosa I’m 30 from nyc live in da A I fucks wit u hard an support the movement but folk out of love gettin unprotected head from random chicks ain’t cool these days pls play it safe u got to much goin on for u to end all for a few minutes of pleasure u feel me!! I only say that cus I did not see a gold wrap on that thang boi!! Much luv stay focus keep god first!! We shittin on these fruit cake ass hatas!! Believe dat laughing all the way to the bank!! Lol

  • Joey

    Damn Sosa getting bitches !!

  • Jeebus

    …luckily ignorance is not dominant in the US otherwise we would have failed as a country a long time ago…..

    O dude just dont give no fuck. I dont care but I just wonder why expose yourself that way???? desperate? its demeaning
    His size seems only average…

    I question societies definition of being grown.

  • Dee

    Get off my nigga sosa dick BANG BANG!!!!!!

  • Did chief keef really get a middle school girl pregnant i believe he did..chief keef raped this child who young n she had a lil girl…dats messed up chief keef aint neva trusting u now bitch…

  • ay chief keef u betta take care of dat girl of yours n dont have the lil girl round some violence ….its yo fault dwt u raped a kid n ended up with a kid…wrens,ga baltimore dr. my adress…zip code 30833
    Alexus16 recently posted…Sense (@SenseakaNewkid) – Where I’m From (Prod. Sense)My Profile

  • Bobby420

    All shut the fuck up damn who gives a fuck if he gets head and who cares how old he is but I will admit it was very stupid taking a pic and posting it. But all of y’all shut the duck up and leave the future of rap alone damn

  • C.Brasley

    Get off this mane dick an let him live his life ,

  • Get off this mane dick an let him live his life mane , dnt yall got a life to??

    • dj knowledge

      somebody said the future of rap???? lol lol u mean trash…fook chief keef

  • Ewwww he ugly af!!

  • Trillset Milasia

    Keith Geting it in Lmfao TeamSosa #3Hunna 😉

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  • wall

    looks like a tranny to me

  • wall

    look at the neck, shoulders and the jawline looks like a tranny. another fag rapper

  • He not no damn 17 dumb ass people

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  • Chuck

    who is this girl?