My Hip Hop Blogger Inspiration … Karen Civil (@KarenCivil)

May 11, 2012 4

Karen Civil, My Hip Hop Blogger Inspiration

my-hip-hop-blogger-inspiration-karen-civil-2012-HHS1987 My Hip Hop Blogger Inspiration ... Karen Civil (@KarenCivil)

I have always blogged because I love sharing information, music, news, videos and more of this culture with others. I spend hours every day searching for content I know my viewers will like, view, listen to, download, read and share with others. I have often found myself blogging with no inspiration or shall I say, mentor. Well Karen Civil is my inspiration and dream mentor.

Karen Civil is the creator of her self-titled hip-hop blog, Her resume goes as follows, she is Lil Wayne’s Young Money Social Media Coordinator and currently, Beats By Dre Digital Marketing Manager. She started her blog back in 2008 with the idea to produce premium content, and has cosigned Drake and J. Cole before they blew up. Karen Civil has a 2010 MTV Hip Hop Award, 2009 Essence Black Web Award and features in The SourceXXLComplex and Billboard. Her website traffic reports consists of 1,000,000+ monthly visitors, the site generates around $125,000 in yearly revenue. [Yes so knowing that eventually generating a million plus views a month, plus some good business and networking relationships, I can earn over $100,000 a year is truly inspiring.]

To read more about my inspiration Karen Civil, read her interview with as she is featured in their Black Blogger Month. Karen talks about why she started blogging, the overhead for running her blog, her biggest influences on her career, how her blog stands out, what Civil voice means, the biggest mistake she has made and more.

There are many things I plan on doing with my blog in the future, and I haven’t quite reached that point in my career to do them yet but trust and believe Karen Civil plays a tremendous role in my inspirations. It would be nice if someway somehow I had an opportunity to possible sit down with Karen in the near future to pick her brain, learn something new that would help me and my blog in the future. Hopefully she will be able to read this blog post one day.

Shortly after writing this post, Karen Civil tweeted me …


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